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Learn Latin - Lesson 18

June 2016

Time now for pronouns – some heavy lifting required. Pronouns point to people, things and places without actually naming them. We have them in English, too – like I, you, him and it. We just don’t have as many different endings as the Romans did. We’ll start off with the egomaniac’s favourite pronoun:SINGULAR   PLURALNom ego: I nos: weAcc me: menos: usGen mei: of menostri/nostrum: of usDat mihi: to menobis: to usAbl me: from menobis: from us  And now for tu, you.SINGULARPLURALNom tu: you vos: youAcc te: youvos: youGen tui: of youvestri/vestrum: of youDat tibi: to youvobis: to youAbl te: from youvobis: from you    And now is, ea, id–he, she, it SINGULARM     F NNomiseaidAcceumeamidGeneiuseiuseiusDateieieiAbleoeaeo                                                                            PLURALMFNNomei/iieaeeaAcceoseaseaGeneorumearumeorumDateis/iiseis/iiseis/iisAbleis/iiseis/iiseis/iis   ...

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