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Look again at the cartoon

Oldie Updates | October 2017

Look again at that cartoon SIR: It’s understandable, isn’t it, that Stephen Glover’s tearful colleagues and that poor, misunderstood Paul Dacre would have been deeply upset, mortified even, when they saw the cartoon by Martin Rowson in the Guardian, depicting a ‘white man resembling a racist thug, mowing down Muslim worshippers in a van’ marked with a sign saying, ‘Read the Sun and Daily Mail.’ (Media Matters, August issue). They would surely have taken to heart the vicious slur that they were in any way responsible for deepening divisions and inciting racial violence in Britain, merely because of having spent decades assiduously demonising foreigners, Islam, benefit cheats, older child refugees, Brussels bureaucrats, Jeremy Corbyn, Philip Hammond and Ed Miliband’s dad. And then to be branded ‘an open sewer’, well, really! The problem is, no such cartoon as described by Mr Glover ever appeared in the Guardian. The image you can...

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