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Reduced circumstances

Oldie Updates | October 2017

SIR: I understand how Gyles Brandreth (September issue) felt when learning from the Barnardo’s CEO how ‘orphan’ had been updated to the less than catchy ‘vulnerable children lacking stable, loving environments’. After 25 years in the army, in 1978 I was accepted by what was then Dr Barnardo’s for employment as a full-time fundraiser in Scotland. The charity had originally been Dr Barnardo’s Homes but ‘Homes’ was dropped in the 1960s. After I’d been a year or two with them, the ‘Dr’ was done away with. I thought jestingly maybe ‘arnardos’ might go next, but was surprised when the charity introduced an enterprise that involved young people running snack bars. It was named Dr B’s Kitchen. Iain Leggatt, Aviemore. ...

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