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The Christmas Quiz - Answers Revealed

Competitions | January 2018

MARCUS BERKMANN challenged you to name 15 famous people who, sadly, passed away in 2017. 

A case of six bottles of fine wine, as featured by Mr.Wheeler wine in The Oldie, worth £100, goes to the person correctly answering all 15 questions whose name is drawn first out of a hat. 

Congratulations to the Winner, Jean Reader!

1 Who launched his career as the Mighty Atom, at the Theatre Royal, Bilston, Staffordshire, in 1942, wearing a satin suit made by his mother and playing the banjo and ukulele? He died in August, aged 89. Bruce Forsyth

2 He played René Artois 84 times on television, and more than 1,200 times on stage, and died in January aged 75. Who was he? Gordon Kaye

3 According to her obituary in the Times, this American TV star gave one of her most prominent co-stars the nickname ‘Penis Van Lesbian’. Who was she? She died in January aged 80. Mary Tyler Moore

4 The only man to win both Formula One and motorcycle Grand Prix titles died in March, aged 83. Who was he? John Surtees

5.  The Dutchman who created the cartoon white rabbit Miffy died in February, aged 89. Who was he? Dick Bruna

6 Which It Girl, whose nasal septum collapsed in 2006 after prolonged cocaine abuse, died in February, aged 45? Tara Palmer

7 Which singer-songwriter of the 1970s, whose biggest hit was ‘You’re A Lady’, died in February, aged 69? The previous autumn he had been ordained as a priest and a deacon on the same day, after being given special dispensation by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Peter Skellern

8 In Ridley Scott’s film Alien, which actor played the crew member from whose chest a baby alien burst forth, bloodily and fatally? (Although he didn’t die in real life until January, aged 77.) Sir John Hurt

9 Who climbed Nelson’s Column in 1977 without a safety harness? ‘It’s a long way up, really,’ he said, as he stood on the plinth with Britain’s greatest naval hero. He returned unharmed – and died in May, aged 83.John Noakes

10.  His first book was Last Bus to Woodstock (1975) and his last was The Remorseful Day (1999). Who was he? He died in March, aged 86. Colin Dexter

11 Between December 1964 and March 1965, who was a touring member of the Beach Boys, filling in for Brian Wilson, playing bass guitar and singing falsetto harmonies? He died in August, aged 81. Glen Campbell

12 Who was the only actor to appear in all 295 episodes of Last Of The Summer Wine? He died in June, aged 96. Peter Sallis

13 ‘My whole reaction was always: he is not a real spy. You can’t be a real spy and have everybody in the world know who you are and what your drink is. That’s just hysterically funny.’ Who said that? He died in May aged 89. Sir Roger Moore

14 ‘Come on, Robin, to the Batcave! There’s not a moment to lose!’ Who said that most weeks between 1966 and 1968? He died in June, aged 88. Adrian West

15 Whose theme tune between 1972 and 1998 was Billy Taylor’s instrumental version of his song ‘I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free’? He died in June, aged 83. Barry Norman

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