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THE JULY 2017 QUIZ – Answers revealed

Competitions | July 2017

Marcus Berkmann's ever-popular general knowledge quiz, sponsored by

Every four weeks, Marcus Berkmann sets a General Knowledge quiz with a prize of £50 of vouchers for for the first winner to be pulled out of the hat with all 20 questions answered correctly.

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Congratulations to the winner SHANE WEIR. The competition has now closed and answers are listed below. The 'SUMMER QUIZ' will be uploaded to the website on Friday 16th.

1.  Which planet in our solar system takes its name from the personification of heaven in Greek mythology?

Answer – Uranus.

2.  Since World War II, only two elected US Presidents have served a full term, run for a second term and lost. Name the Democrat.

Answer – Jimmy Carter.

3.  Now name the Republican.

Answer – George Bush Sr. (Accept ‘George H W Bush’.)

4.  The Joke, the Bird, the Rider, the Emperor. String quartets by which composer?

Answer – Josef Haydn.

5.  The American sprinter Maurice Greene, now retired, has a tattoo of a lion with the word ‘GOAT’ written rather confusingly below. What does ‘GOAT’ stand for, in Maurice’s mind, even if in no one else’s?

Answer – Greatest Of All Time. 

6.  Which two major rivers meet at Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire?

Answer – Avon and Severn.

7.  According to legend, whose body was identified after a famous battle by a tattoo over his heart, which read ‘Edith and England’?

Answer – King Harold II.  (Or Harold Godwinson, if you prefer. His wife was Edith Swannesha.)

8.  Goldbach’s ‘strong’ conjecture is one of the oldest and most famous unsolved problems in number theory and, indeed, all mathematics. It states that every even integer greater than 2 can be written as the sum of two what?

Answer – Prime numbers. 

9.  Tony Blair had no previous Cabinet experience when he became Prime Minister in 1997. Ditto David Cameron in 2010. Who, before them, was the last man to become Prime Minister without previous Cabinet experience?

Answer – Ramsay Macdonald.  (In 1924.)

10.  Which famous perfume was launched on May 5th, 1921?

Answer – Chanel No. 5.

11.  The human body normally contains around 14 milligrams of iodine. In which organ of the body is most of it stored?

Answer – The thyroid. 

12.  Which city of northern England was formerly called Monkchester after a religious community based there in Anglo-Saxon times? Its present name is taken from a fortification built by William the Conqueror’s son on the side of an existing Roman fort.

Answer – Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

13.  Which now successful Hollywood comedy star was once a warm-up man for Timmy Mallett?

Answer – Mike Myers

14.  Ingvar Kamprad grew up on a farm called Elmtaryd in the parish of Agunnaryd. He is now one of the richest men in the world. Why?

Answer – He founded IKEA. (Which stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd.)

15.  William Wordsworth wrote one poem about daffodils. Which yellow spring flower did he write three poems about?

Answer –  The (lesser) celandine.

16.  Thomas Carlyle wrote a book about the French Revolution and asked his great friend to read it. Unfortunately his great friend was not the most organised of men and left the work amongst waste paper in the kitchen, which was where his maid found it and used it to light a fire. It was the only copy. Carlyle had to write the book again. Who was the great friend?

Answer – John Stuart Mill.

17.  NASA recognises the boundary of space as occurring roughly 62 miles above the earth’s surface. What is the name of this imaginary line?

Answer – The Karman line.

18.  Matt Groening’s father was called Homer, his mother was called Marge, and he had sisters called Maggie and Lisa. What was his mother’s maiden name? It too featured in The Simpsons.

Answer – Wiggum.

19.  Good King Wenceslas ended up being killed by his own brother. Whose name was what?

Answer – Boleslaus (the Cruel). (Accept ‘Boleslav’.)

20.  Where the Savoy Hotel now stands, there once stood the Savoy, the lavish London palace belonging to whom?

Answer – John Gaunt.  (It burnt down during the Peasants’ Revolt.)

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