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THE JUNE QUIZ - Answers revealed

Competitions | June 2017

Marcus Berkmann's ever-popular general knowledge quiz, sponsored by

Every four weeks, Marcus Berkmann sets a General Knowledge quiz with a prize of £50 of vouchers for for the first winner to be pulled out of the hat with all 20 questions answered correctly.

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Congratulations to the winner VERYAN WILLIAMS. The competition has now closed and answers are listed below. The 'JULY QUIZ' will be uploaded to the website on Friday 19th.


1.  Do any centipedes have a hundred or more legs?

Answer - Yes. The highest number recorded is 154.

2.  Do any millipedes have a thousand or more legs?

Answer – No. None have more than 700.

3.  An increasingly popular accessory for Christians, especially in America, is a bracelet inscribed with the letters ‘WWJD’. What do these letters stand for?

Answer – 'What Would Jesus Do?'

4.  How many hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time are the standard times of Ukraine, Egypt and Saudi Arabia?

Answer – Two hours.

5.  George III’s second son, Prince Frederick, is now remembered chiefly as an ineffectual military commander. What two things is he best remembered for doing? Clue: you know the answer to this, whether you know it or not.

Answer – He had ten thousand men. He marched them up to the top of hte hill, and he marched them down again. (Anything along these lines gets the point.)

6.  Evelyn Waugh’s first novel was, famously, Decline And Fall. What was his second?

Answer – Vile Bodies.

7.  Stalin took his name from the Russian word for ‘steel’. His foreign minister Molotov took his name from a word for which implement?

Answer – Hammer.

8.  Although it had been known and talked about for centuries, it was identified and precisely described for the first time in 1944 by the German-born American gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenburg. What?

Answer – The G-Spot.

9.  Harriet Quimby was, in 1912, the first woman to cross the English Channel by what means?

Answer – Flying.

10.  What is the offspring of a mule called?

Answer – There's no such thing. (Mules, as a donkey/horse hybird, are all sterile).

11.  Which British Prime Minister was one-sixteenth Iroquois, of the American Indian Confederation?

Answer – Sir Winston Churchill.

12.  In the title of Shakespeare’s play, Pericles is Prince of Tyre. In which present-day country might you find the city of Tyre?

Answer – Lebanon

13.  Ian and Janette Tough: how were they better known during the 1970s and 1980s?

Answer – The Krankies.

14.  Who is said to have been declared a traitor in 1538, a mere 368 years after his death?

Answer – Thomas à Becket.

15.  In 1872 the Mary Celeste was found adrift and deserted near the Azores in the Atlantic. The ship is now more widely remembered as the Marie Celeste rather than the Mary Celeste, and the reason for that is a short story about the mystery, written and published in 1884. Who wrote that short story?

Answer – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

16.  Which city was at the other end of the Appian Way from Rome?

Answer – Brindisi.

17.  ‘Summer is icumen in’ is the oldest English song we have, and it was written in around 1270, it’s believed, by a scribe at the priory of Leominster. What was his name?

Answer – William of Winchcombe.

18.  Who defined boxing as a ‘binary praxis of antagonistic reciprocity’?

Answer – Jean-Paul Sartre.

19.  It’s a type of bomb or mine — specifically, a small engine of war used to blow in a door or break down a drawbridge. But the word is only ever used now as part of a well-known phrase, which actually comes from Hamlet. What word is it?

Answer – Petard.

20.  At the northernmost end of the Pennine Way, there’s a tiny village called Once Brewed, which consists of a youth hostel, a smattering of farms and an inn called what?

Answer – The Twice Brewed Inn.

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