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In the latest issue


  • The Old Un's Notes
  • Gyles Brandreth's Diary
  • Grumpy Oldie Man Matthew Norman
  • Olden Life: Who was Sexton Blake? Nick Setchfield
  • Modern Life: What is wireless charging? Richard Godwin
  • Letter from America Dominic Green
  • Town Mouse Tom Hodgkinson
  • Country Mouse Giles Wood
  • The Way We Live Now Dafydd Jones
  • Profitable Wonders James Le Fanu
  • Postcards from the Edge Mary Kenny
  • School Days Sophia Waugh
  • Home Front Alice Pitman
  • God Sister Teresa
  • Memorial Service: Sir Michael Howard James Hughes-Onslow
  • The Doctor's Surgery Theodore Dalrymple
  • Readers' Letters
  • I Once Met... John Edgecombe Valerie Grove
  • Memory Lane
  • Media Matters Stephen Glover
  • History David Horspool
  • Words and Stuff Johnny Grimond
  • Rant: Yorkshire pudding
  • Crossword
  • Bridge Andrew Robson
  • Competition Tessa Castro
  • Ask Virginia Ironside


  • When Asian flu gave us the shivers Michael Barber
  • Here, there and everywhere Craig Brown
  • Liberty hall – the resurgence of the local village hall William Cook
  • From the Brideshead Revisited film set... Nickolas Grace
  • Evelyn Waugh's smart set Selina Hastings
  • The England that time forgot John Edwards
  • Ode to Wordsworth Frances Wilson
  • Model behaviour Hugo Vickers
  • Never go back Liz Hodgkinson


  • Film: The Great Buster Harry Mount
  • Theatre: Upstart Crow Nick Lezard
  • Radio Valerie Grove
  • Television Roger Lewis
  • Music Richard Osborne
  • Golden Oldies Rachel Johnson
  • Exhibitions Huon Mallalieu


  • Rake's progress: My Political Midlife Crisis, by Rachel Johnson Frances Wilson
  • One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time, by Craig Brown Lewis Jones
  • Queen Victoria and the Romanovs: Sixty Years of Mutual Distrust, by Coryne Hall Frances Welch
  • Thinking Again, by Jan Morris Mark Bostridge
  • A Little History of Poetry, by John Carey Charlotte Moore
  • The China Journals: Ideology and Intrigue in the 1960s, by Hugh Trevor-Roper Mark Almond
  • Actress, by Anne Enright Alex Clark


  • My Holy Week in Israel Joshua Levine
  • Overlooked Britain: Penshaw Monument Lucinda Lambton
  • Carefree oldies on the piste Mark Palmer
  • Taking a Walk: along the Regent's Canal Patrick Barkham
  • On the Road: Anne Glenconner Louise Flind


  • Gardening David Wheeler
  • Kitchen Garden Simon Courtauld
  • Cookery Elisabeth Luard
  • Restaurants James Pembroke
  • Drink Bill Knott
  • Sport Jim White
  • Motoring Alan Judd
  • Digital Life Matthew Webster
  • Money Matters Margaret Dibben
  • Bird of the Month: Song Thrush John McEwen
  • Getting Dressed: Celia Philo Brigid Keenan